Aerial photograph of Hobbs Point Peninsula on Wagonga Inlet Narooma

Aerial photograph of Hobbs Point Peninsula in the right foreground on Wagonga Inlet, with Narooma and the Pacific Ocean in the background


Secluded Luxury Waterfront Property Narooma


Hobbs Point is a peninsula on Wagonga Inlet Narooma, on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Narooma is 5 hours drive south of Sydney, 8 hours drive north of Melbourne, and 3 hours drive east of Canberra. Hobbs Point itself, is located 5km west of Narooma by boat, or 8km by road. There is an airport 40 minutes drive north in Moruya, and another, 80 minutes drive south in Merimbula.

About Hobbs Point Peninsula

  • Description: Lot 2/794333,
  • Prop Number 1016582,
  • Zone Non urban,
  • Area 3.316 hectares

Hobbs Point is a 5 hectaire (12 acre) peninsula on the south western shore of Wagonga Inlet. The property occupies 3.3 hectaires (8 acres), with the remaining 1.7 hectaires (4 acres) being a 600 metre long and 30 metre wide, foreshore waterfront reserve. It is located in a Eucalypt forest, mainly featuring Spotted Gum, Mountain Grey Gum, Angophora and Stringy Bark. The natural tree coverage has been maintained in the reserve, supplimented with numerous Casuarinas, whilst the areas around the house, cottage and shed, are more open parkland, with plentiful plantings of mainly native shrubs.
The topography of the peninsula is such that flooding of buildings from any cause is inconceivable. The inlet is an ocean flooded valley with no major creek or river supply, and water levels are thus affected only by the tides. All the buildings are at least 5 metres above high tide level; well out of reach of predicted sea rises for aeons to come.

Boundary map of Hobbs Point Peninsula courtesy of Eurobodalla Council & the Rural Fire Brigade. The property boundary is marked in blue & the reserve in black. (Both are slightly out of kilter but give a reasonable approximation of boundary locations)


    • Electricity: The property is connected to the electricity grid, but also has a older grid interactive solar system including panels, inverter, battery charger and diesel generator. This equipment could form the basis of a reasonably sized power system.
    • Sewage. Bio cycle on site system.
    • Gas. Bottled gas is delivered when required.
    • Phone. Landline and Wireless
    • Water. Rain water is captured from each building which have their own tank, or tanks, and electric pump; all of which are connected so that little or no water is wasted. Total tank capacity is 81, 000 litres.

For gardeners. A 100 square metre orchard is fully enclosed with "chicken" wire sides and "roof" , to protect it from the numerous birds, bats and other wildlife. As well as fruit trees, it contains raised vegetable and berry beds. There is a dam feeding a 22,500 litre tank for gardening water,

For nature lovers. Hobbs Point is a bird lovers paradise. Hobbs Bay, which hugs the western flank of the peninsula, is shallow, dotted with Mangroves, and home to numerous oyster beds. It is also a favourite retreat for large numbers, indeed sometimes vast numbers, of sea and wading birds. Sea eagles survey their kingdom from several favourite trees on and around Hobbs Point, which is also home just about all the parrots and cockatoos, and a variety of birds ranging in size from Pelicans down to the tiniest honey eaters.

Water sports. No matter where you stand on Hobbs Point, it is difficult to find a spot where you cannot catch a glimpse of the waters of Wagonga Inlet. There is good fishing from the shore, 50 metres from the main house, or from a boat, which you can launch from a trailer at the northern tip of the peninsula. The water is clean enough for swimming, and the inlet is perfect for kayacking, with direct access to the ocean in Narooma.

For horses lovers. There is ample room for a paddock at the south western edge of the property, or on the peninsula itself.

Bush Fire Protection. The house, cottage and shed each have their own water tanks, pumps and roof top sprinkler systems. There are dam fed taps with standard garden hoses alongside each building, and  a 20,000 litre pond for additional fire fighting water, plus two petrol driven firefighting pumps and a 6KVA diesel generator to supply backup power.

Photographs of Hobbs Point

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