There’s an old expression “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. Are you searching for a home that will give you privacy?

Aerial of Hobbs Point Peninsula in the foreground, on Wagonga Inlet, with Narooma and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

Aerial of Hobbs Point Peninsula in the right foreground, on Wagonga Inlet, with Narooma and the Pacific Ocean in the background

What is privacy ?

The answer depends on the context in which the question is used. The Oxford Dictionary defines privacy as “being private, freedom from publicity or observation”; which seems about right when used in the context of buying a property. I think you can also add “freedom from excessive noise” to that definition.

How to achieve privacy.

When you think castles, think moats, drawbridges and very high walls, plus some seriously aggresive resistance when you try to enter. The modern version isn’t quite so obviously unfriendly, but it does bring to mind mansions with surrounding walls, locked gates and security personnel, and it costs a fortune. The less wealthy with a penchant for privacy, have to make do with living in gated communities.

Achieving privacy – a caveat.

It is easy to achieve privacy if you stick yourself “back of Bourke” in the middle of nowhere. So the caveat is that local amentities, such as shops, medical, educational and recreational facilities, must be close.

Is there another way?

I have lived in an exceptionally private environment for the last twenty years, so I can categorically say that there is another way. Put simply, you can live somewhere, where people can’t reasonably “observe you”, and where you can’t hear “excessive noise”, but where you are close to all amenities. Sound impossible? It’s not impossible at Hobbs Point; let me explain.

    1. Hobbs Point is almost an island. It is surrounded on three sides by Wagonga Inlet (think moat), while the forth side is forested and fronted by another property (which is out of sight). Both Hobbs Point and the surrounding properties can only be accessed by a private road.
    2. Hobbs Point is also fronted by a waterfront reserve, which is forested along it’s entire length – a great aid to achieving “freedom from observation”.
    3. Hobbs Point is 5km from Narooma by water, and 9 km by road. The superb golf course, equally superb beaches, and Narooma shops are 15 minutes drive away.There are enough neighbours to enjoy a friendly and valuable camaraderie, but not enough to affect your privacy. There is no industry in the area. There are no major roads close by. The boat traffic consists of a few oyster punts at low tide, and a few fishermen at weekends. This is one very quiet place.

Too quiet?

Need to get back to the big smoke for a bit of excitement? There’s an airport at Moruya which is about 45 minutes drive from Hobbs Point.


that’s easy – it’s the price of Hobbs Point; which just happens to be for sale at this very moment! Still not convinced? For more information go to our website

Sun rise over Wagonga Inlet seen from Hobbs Point

Sun rise over Wagonga Inlet seen from Hobbs Point

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