It occurred to me, that to some people, there is more to Freedom than fishing! Extraordinary as that may be to Fishing Nuts, there may be some truth in the proposition! Hence Part 2 and a few more Freedoms.

black swan at sunrise Hobbs Point

1. Freedom to breathe fresh air.

We take fresh air for granted in Australia, but during the rush hour in Sydney and Melbourne, the air is anything but fresh. At Hobbs Point there is no industry and no pollution; the result? Fresh air.

2. Freedom to drink real water.

Good water is scarcer than it used to be, even in Australia, and the population is still growing. At Hobbs Point the average rainfall is about 970ml per annum, and we catch and store it, straight from the sky.

3. Freedom to grow real food.

Globalisation may mean more choice all year round, but often at the expense of taste. The covered orchard and veggie garden at Hobbs Point will remind you what fresh food used to taste like in the good old days.

4. Freedom to keep chucks.

We used to keep chucks and I really miss the beautiful taste of fresh eggs, but the cockerel used to wake up the cottage guests at 4 am every morning. We still have the chuckhouse though!

4. Freedom to hear yourself think.

You just don’t hear traffic at Hobbs Point until it pulls up outside the house. When I’m wrestling with a problem on one of our websites, I go for a walk around the property to give my tiny brain a rest. The only sounds are the birds and the breeze in the trees. 10 minutes later I’m ready to have another crack at the problem. Way to go!

5. Freedom to see the Milky Way.

It took a visit from two young Singaporeans to make us appreciate the night sky over Hobbs Point. They had never seen the Milky Way before. They stayed up all night taking photographs.

6. Freedom to privacy. This is a biggy!

Our nearest neighbour is about 500 metres away, and we can’t see them from the house, In fact we can’t see any of our few neighbours from the house in daylight; if we look hard we can see the odd light at night. So you don’t have to dress to impress your neighbours, in fact you don’t have to dress at all! And yet, the beaches and shops of Narooma are only a 15 minute drive away.

7. Freedom to swim – for free.

The shore of Wagonga Inlet is 60 metres from the house. You can swim the 5km to Narooma instead of driving; after all, it’ good for you, and it is cheaper. It’s also clean and salty, it gets refilled twice a day, and it’s free.

8. Freedom to be part of nature.

One of the major joys of living at Hobbs Point is the joy of living with, and being a part of, nature. Part 3 of “The Price of Freedom” is specifically about nature.

9. Freedom to have a horse – at home.

There is a 1 acre cleared paddock with access to water, good soil, with plenty of room for a stable.

10. Freedom to generate your own power.

We initially relied totally on solar power to provide electricity for our home and office. When grid electricity became available we took advantage to cope with our increased need for business power, and changed our solar system to “grid interactive.” The existing solar system could be utilised and upgraded.


that’s easy – it’s the price of Hobbs Point; which just happens to be for sale at this very moment! Still not convinced? For more information go to our website

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