What sort of freedom are you looking for? The freedom to catch fish without leaving home? Is 60 metres too far to travel?

What Price Freedom: Hobbs Point Peninsula, Wagonga Inlet Narooma

Fishing Wagonga Inlet Narooma. From the house, I have a 180 degree view of Wagonga Inlet. My favourite fishing spot is about 60 metres from the house, and my rod is always ready, just outside the back door. So when I see the terns diving, or other signs of surface fish, I can have a lure or baited hook in the water in minutes. The waters around Hobbs Point are know as breeding grounds for Bream, and it’s also a good area for Flathead, plus many other types of fish. If the fish are not within reach of your rod, you can always launch your boat, and go find them.

Collecting Oysters. If fishing is too energetic for you, the eastern shores of Hobbs Point Peninsula are home to Rock Oysters waiting to be harvested. They go particularly well with Champagne, which unfortunately does not come free. But hey, that’s the Price of Freedom at Hobbs Point.

About Hobbs Point Peninsula; a secluded luxury waterfront property
Hobbs Point is a 5 hectare Eucalypt covered peninsula on the south western shore of Wagonga Inlet Narooma, South Coast NSW. It is almost an island. The property occupies 3.3 hectares, with the remaining 1.7 hectares being a 600 metre long and 30 metre wide foreshore waterfront reserve. The natural tree coverage has been maintained in the reserve, whilst the areas around the house, cottage and storage/work shed, are more open parkland, with plentiful plantings of mainly native shrubs. To all intents and purposes, the foreshore reserve can only be accessed from our property or by boat.

Read more. You can read about the many other attractions of life at Hobbs Point,  on our website, and more about fishing Narooma  on Hobbs Point Cottage website

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